Barns and Stars Project


WELCOME to the Barns and Stars project page.

If you fancy having a go at any of the lyrics in list on the left as a musician/singer or as a visual artist let me know through comment box at bottom of post. Thank you.

If enough people come forward to make it viable I will try and get published online/as Vinyl with illustrated book for charity.

Thank you.





The idea for this comes from the Suit of Nettles ‘project’ in its original format at Lincoln Collection in 2008 which was a series of ‘illustrations’ to songs…



and the Moon Over the Downs project from 2003


listen online at bandcamp

One thought on “Barns and Stars Project”

  1. Hi Shaun. Can I have a look at “if I was a crow”, please, if it’s not been taken already?


    Brian lillie

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