27. Bag O’ Bones


I don’t see so well
I don’t move too fast
I been around too long
To worry about the past

I’m just a bag o’ bones

When she said she loved you
Was that just a lie
Nobody said a broken heart
Could be lifted out alive

I’m just a bag o’ bones

I’m rattling down the stairs
Headed for some seedy bar
I dont care who’s with me
I aint going far

I’m a bag o’ bones

Now my skins just a sack
For carrying these bones around
I ain’t tired of living
I just got nowhere to go

I’m just a bag o’ bones

Then I met a woman
She was skinnier than me
Chasing smoke and brandy chasers
We looked like two skeletons about to meet our makers..

We’re just a bag of bones…..

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