A love song to poverty or those three rooms in South Edinburgh..our tiny flat…we somehow survived two years in and were still together. It took Oxford and a bigger flat and more money to split us up….c’est la vie.

Listening to this again I can taste the dust and hear the cars but it was a beautiful city which kept us going..62 Causewayside picture on right..third floor right hand side..that the one..three windows and three rooms twenty feet across at most..another world..recorded all these songs in the tiny bedroom on left.

Had a cassette tape collection ( photos on blog link below) as could not bring vinyl and no cds. Taped off library stock which was excellent my taste formed by the Central library Edinburgh folk and blues stock 🙂

These Three Rooms

These three rooms are worn and badly lit
Decorated with paint inches thick
And behind curtains where the dust sits
The frames rattle, never made to fit

Stay with me through the night
Stay with me until the morning light
And you will see these three rooms shine

The carpets are dull and tenant-stained
Maybe they were brighter in better days
Now the lino slides across the floor
And the bathroom paper’s peeling off the wall

Forgive me all the poverty I bring
This cheap box, this bed and sink
Hold fast now like these plants that cling
To our windowsill as they twist and jink

Trust me when I sat things will improve
That these are not our destined views
As these three plants outgrow this room
So this small flat will be outgrown too


Some of the tapes I recorded off library material..still got them 🙂