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The Final Reckoning- Trailer Star bows out…


Today’s gig at Bar 71 will be more like a wake as I bring nearly 18 years of Trailer Star Productions to an end. Trailer Star was always a way of presenting my songwriting from behind a mask (or hat). I had little confidence in early days as singing and guitar playing poor (since improved on guitar). It owed much to the country music I grew up listening to and tonight’s gig will be a tribute to my Uncle Brian who inadvertantly introduced me to Townes Van Zandt at a young age and passed away recently ….

I will not be singing his favourites Crystal Chandeliers and Distant Drums but then he was always a better singer….he won a Butlins Country talent contest….

Bar 71 Rehearsal videos

I played a support slot to the lovely King of Rome at Bar 71 last night here the rehearsal tapes….

I wll post photos of actual gig if any appear.


Kimberley Jam 2017

Preparations under way for my annual gig. This year I am playing at the new Tynemill Pub The Cricketers Rest on the Mayhem Bill with Frankie Vacuum and Paul Carbuncle…..earlier I at the Miner’s Return Micropub..looking forward to it.

As my planned release of Trailer’s Latest ‘Chalk Pit Rattle’ been undermined by events I will be taking some very rare Suit of Nettles along as product instead.

As my desktop above shows I also sketching out my next project which I hope will be a CD/tape and graphic novel work based around my more sensitive songwriting rather than Trailer’s raucous ribaldry…

So expect sensitive at Miner’s Rest..i.e. me and my arsey alter-ego (safely deceased since 2001) at the Cricketers on the Barmy Bill.

See you there…

Shaun Belcher the Songwriter and his alter-ego playing Kimberley Jam. Belcher at Miner’s rest 7-8pm playing through the lost classic ‘Suit of Nettles’ and then Trailer’s ‘Chalk Pit Rattle’ set at Mayhem at the Cricketers 8.30-9pm…

The new Wreckless Eric?

Which ironic as he just a tad older than myself..maybe the old Wreckless Eric?

Any road my battering out two-chord rallying cries at WSO at Maze seems to have entertained the troops.

On with the revolution…

Here the Wily Old Dog in action…

trail2 trailer trail3


We Shall Overcome at The Maze Tuesday 4th october

satlargeweb wsobak  wsofront


Part of Nottingham’s contribution to the ‘We Shall Overcome’ (WSO) series of events, all locally organised and supporting local causes helping those affected by austerity. Artists are playing for free so all proceeds from ticket sales and donations go towards supporting a great cause. More info on WSO here:
All proceeds from this event will go to Himmah, a grass roots community organisation – including food bank – that provides support to individuals and families in need. More info:


More info on WSO here:


Trailer Star @ Beauvale Priory 28th August

Trailer Star at The Kimberley Jam 2016



Once again I played the annual charity event in Kimberley.

A good time had by  one and all and hopefully raised a significant amount of money for the Ryan Lee Cancer Trust.

trailer2 trailer

Further information available here:

I seem to have kickstarted a Trailer Star Comedy Career…..could Trailer and Frankie be the new Krankies?

Trailer Star – Chalk Pit Rattle

rattle-768x737Back in March I confidently decided I would produce a new album in a month..then it was two months..then it was by the Kimberely Jam which is this Saturday. I fully intended to also make some cassette versions and will still try BUT it looking like a tall order with three days to go. Like the previous post life has got in the way and not all of it good life….

However here the tracks I done as demos on soundcloud and we will see if can add a few before Kimberley.

It might be a Chalk Pit Rattle but it ain’t Trailer’s death rattle..not yet anyway.

Ltd.Ed. Deluxe art edition of Suit of Nettles.

Suit of Nettles – Ltd. Ed. deluxe art package = Ltd. to 50 copies.
Contains CD, Original Lincoln Collection Booklet contained in a decorated cardboard box. £10 + £2 p&p.