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Re-Release Time: Floodplain 2000 and Last Farmer 1993 on Bandcamp

Here two re-released albums I made back in the day on a fostex or reel to reel or minidisc ( digital 2000!) .

they now free to download at Bandcamp see the players on right.


1993 and I am living in London on the top floor in an Earls Court flat with Anna Fortun from Zaragoza and working at Shepherd’s Bush Housing Department
and dreaming of being Robert Forster (saw gig at Orange on August 14th 1993), Elvis Costello, Tom Russell and the Nicks.. Drake and Cave.

By September 1993 it and band The High Priests all over and I am living in Edinburgh and discover ‘alt-country and scottish folk’.

This a snapshot of a time when I thought I could be anything…sadly EMI and the rest of London at the time didn’t agree ?.

I still think I can do anything just not that often as I used to……that’s age.



Floodplain was originally the first Trailer Star release ‘Floodplain Demos’ this full version.


The new Wreckless Eric?

Which ironic as he just a tad older than myself..maybe the old Wreckless Eric?

Any road my battering out two-chord rallying cries at WSO at Maze seems to have entertained the troops.

On with the revolution…

Here the Wily Old Dog in action…

trail2 trailer trail3


Joes Mums Musical Circus September 3rd / Loggerheads 20th Cancelled

Joe’s Mum’s Musical Circus

03 Sep 2008, 20:00
65 derby road, nottingham, Midlands NG1 5BA
Cost : free


Please note Loggerheads on 20th September 9.30 has been CANCELLED

due to illness

Saturday 20th September