Pere Ubu – Love Love Love (1989) 7″

I am warming to this blog…it a rare opportunity to delve into the darkest corners of my vinyl collection and retrieve strange fish like this…

After listening to Pere Ubu’s Modern Dance album from 1978 which I bought on release and which one of the soundtracks of my Art School days in London…


I considered whether I actually had any Pere Ubu vinyl and presto this came to mind.

No idea where I trawled it up from and by the PR notice below which not the actual release looks like a Phonogram review promo copy from 1989.

I missed out on the Sleeve art also (see below) and the completely bonkers David Thomas video with children dressed as bugs but happy to share now…

Produced by Daniel Miller of Mute I can only assume as some kind of Pere Ubu land is most of the above..hopefully..

The aural equivalent of a David Lynch movie……



My copy


Also look out for this recent FIRE Records archive release…


Unfaithful Music – Costello’s Back Pages

Oliver’s Army is here to stay….

Yesterday by chance I picked up another three of Elvis Costello’s 7 inch singles from late 70s to early 80s…..which seems to coincide with his most prolific and possibly best period as a songwriter. Yes he has delved into everything from classical to funk since like a slightly less annoying Morrisey but seems not to have suffered from the latter’s fading talents and self-obsessed verbal wankery…mostly. I cannot imagine Declan Patrick MacManus producing something as shit as Steven Patrick Morrisey’s latest ‘fiction’ if that what it is..most commentators have described it as unadalterated rubbish. No Declan is too smart, ed too wordy for that and whilst the new tome isn’t Shakespeare or even a mad poet’s take on Shakespeare (Hughes) it does look interesting. Maybe not as interesting as warts and all former band-mate Bruce Thomas’s brilliant ‘The Big Wheel’ which probably tells you all you need to know about sharing a bus with a pain in the arse lead singer..but it comes with literary affections – pace Dylan’s Chronicles use of Conrad like flashbacks- and a decent cover which usually enough to allow me to purchase in two years time when the hardback inevitably remaindered.

Not having purchased yet I can only share the cover and a reviewer at NY Times sentiment that it smart-arse but not brilliant which sadly covers about half of the singing dictionary man in a one-liner worthy of the bard himself. Declan had a voice from his father and a way with words that few equaled in the period illustrated above…sometimes he produced too much and a fair sifting needed but anything up until he shagged an Irish bird (we all do that sometimes) and dumped his family is OK. After that it spirals like a drunken Dublin drinker around pretension and brilliance and the diamonds are harder to find in the mine. Now secure and contented as only a high earning ex-pat can be and happily married to Diana Krall which has enlarged the Jazz vocalisms somewhat we have a ‘national treasure’ to adore and be depressed by in equal measure. A Singing Corbyn…always loyal to the cause (‘Tramp the Dirt Down’ for instance) but hardly a working-class hero then or now and his racist taunts in late 70s were unforgiveable from an arrogant shit which he admits to in yesterday’s Guardian feature ( promo -tie-in whatever etc….buy from Guardian at £6 off etc). He is an astute game player and proves it by still being able to tour his Wheel of Death Songs and hold on to some reins of musical power. Whether the dark horse of fate will remember him as a game-changer or not he a part of my musical landscape and for ‘Oliver’s Army’ I will always applaud him. As for the Brodsky Quartet I have it ..never played ..I mean a quartet for fucks sake…yer Dad would just laugh…..

Records 1977-1986  *****


My collection of Elvis C 7 inches……1978-1984

‘King of America’ is a brilliant album he could have stopped there and his reputation would be intact..after that ..some good songs but no album that as coherent nor as well written.

Records 1986- present ***

Spike was hit and miss….after that some pure crap mixed with moments of brilliance..North/Brodsky Pseudo Classical/Bacharach..he milked every market but nothing as good as King of America….not total shit but kind of albums you file rather than play….

Books : Autobiography/Bios/Music Books

Autobiography – nice cover shame about the title ..Unfaithful Music alone would do but Declan cant stop himself over-egging it can he…???

Also here some of the previous biographies on the man to compare Declan’s version of events with 🙂 There even the first Academic Tome….appropriate for the wordy..

Per chance Declan has also seen fit to release a greatest hits CD..a couple of sweeteners on there for the fans with same title and sleeve art…
a tad opportunistic I would say but then I not a Man out of Time…


Ron Sexsmith at The Glee Club, Nottingham, 12th October 2015


I have not written a music review for several years. In fact the last one was for a Justin Townes Earle album called Harlem River Blues in Rob Ellen’s Flyinshoes magazine way back in 2010! Over 5 years ago! The review can be read here :

I finally felt inspired to write again following a quite superb performance at the Glee Club, discount Nottingham by Ron Sexsmith on Monday last. I last saw Ron and a trio at the South Bank Centre way back in 1997. This would have been after the first two albums were released ( three if count the rare first album Grand Opera Lane which I have never heard). For me it the glorious self-titled second album which brought him to my attention and I have collected and followed his work ever since. His most recent release on Cooking Vinyl ‘Carousel One’ is very good and I actually bought on vinyl which a first time I seen any of his releases in that format. I had all his records apart from ‘Retriever’up until a couple of months after writing this original blog post when it appeared for 50p in a local charity shop:-).




Those two early albums are as good a template for a budding songwriter as any. My particular faves are ‘Lebanon, generic Tennessee’, treat ‘Secret Heart’, ‘Strawberry Blonde’ and ‘Nothing Good’..the list goes on hardly a duff track on either record. I remember the performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as being exemplary. After that I always managed to be on holiday or to miss Ron as he played be it in Nottingham or Oxford. Finally last Monday I managed to catch up..I was not disappointed. His hour and a half set was superb despite a couple of rusty glitches for which he apologised. The sound was excellent and he delivered an impressive selection of tracks from over his career even asking for audience suggestions. Stand-out moments included a fabulous version of Lebanon Tennessee and a couple of tracks from Retriever – ‘From Now On’ and ‘Dandelion Wine’ I think both superb and I will seek out the ‘missing’ disc. Along the way he also sang ‘Gold in them hills’ off of Cobblestone Runway. ‘Cheap Hotel’ and ‘Thumbelina Farewell’ off of Blue Boy. ‘Snow Angel’, ‘Talking with the Angel’… a smattering of more recent tracks..’Late Bloomer’ off disc of same name…’Getaway Car’ and ‘Saint Bernard’ and ‘Before the light is gone’ off new disc…all wonderful songs.

I have seen some wonderful solo songwriter performances over the years. Justin Townes Earle and Andrew Coombs were superb in the same venue last year but this was an extraordinary show. I cannot imagine many songwriters with such a consistent back catalogue who could draw on every one of the 14 or so albums he has recorded. I recommend the new album and if you not discovered the delights of Ron Sexsmith check out any part of that back catalogue here :

Here the cover of latest album.


Late Bloomer indeed…