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Chalk Pit Rattle – TSR009 – Trailer’s last ride…

Trailer Star Records is pleased to announce the final release in the archival series of Trailer Star from the Trailer Barn Studio.

The full release will be available as a free download on Bandcamp via the link below.

Here you will also find the full archive series and the original Trailer Star Tribute to the star who never was.

Trailer is now officially deceased for a final time and will commence a new career in graphic novel format.

Until then enjoy the last flowering of a minor talent…here he harks back to his youth and the seminal days of punk and sixties pop…..mixed in with a liberal dose of righteous anger at the state of the world today.

Trailer Star = Fake Star…Fake News……

Adios Comrades……La Lutte Continue….


Trailer Star – Chalk Pit Rattle


Back in March I confidently decided I would produce a new album in a month..then it was two months..then it was by the Kimberely Jam which is this Saturday. I fully intended to also make some cassette versions and will still try BUT it looking like a tall order with three days to go. Like the previous post life has got in the way and not all of it good life….

However here the tracks I done as demos on soundcloud and we will see if can add a few before Kimberley.

It might be a Chalk Pit Rattle but it ain’t Trailer’s death rattle..not yet anyway.

Trailer Star Catalogue Online

From 2001 – 2011 which exactly ten years I recorded a series of lo-fi mini-messes or masterpieces depending on your taste. Inspired by Townes Van Zandt,  Johnny Dowd, Daniel Johnston,  Lucinda Williams, Grant McLennan and Pete Astor I half sang/croaked my poetic lyrics over some ramshackle and rudimentary backings. The results are now complete and uploaded to bandcamp for your delight or derision.

What to expect well Paul Kerr wrote the following health warning……advance at your peril:-) To think Dylan was complaining about people criticising his voice…as Johnny Dowd said we ‘ain’t no Carusos’ 🙂

p.s. for artistic relief and to hear what my songs sound like with ‘singing’ check out the Moon Over the Downs on the bandcamp page:-)

Paul Kerr – Babble and Smoke 2011

As the world goes wonky with financial instability and summer temperatures in October (apart from Scotland where the heavens opened) Blabber’n’Smoke hunkered down in the bunker and set to listening to an album that’s been sitting on the hard drive for some time. Black River is purportedly the final album from Trailer Star, the last in a line of intriguing releases swathed in a mythology summoned from the mind of the man behind it all, Shaun Belcher, Originally Trailer Star was meant to be a legendary Berkshire bluesman who met an untimely end. As his executor Belcher was able to release a series of cassettes and CDs of his music. This culminated in a well received tribute album Moon Over the Downs where Belcher was able to corral a bunch of artists to cover his songs. Now he’s decided to draw to a close this episode with Black River stating

“This is Trailer Star’s final and exhaustive round up. All tracks recorded between 2005-2010. These are all the late great Trailer’s recorded tracks and signals the final volume in the three CD Trailer Archive series from Tstar records.”

Mythology apart the album sounds primitive, home made and home grown. The sound recalls the ambience Neil Young created with Campaigner, stripped down but chockfull of emotion. It’s intimate and ultimately very personal with songs relating to the death of Belcher’s father dominating the latter part. Much is said about the redemptive power of music and one hopes that these stark and dark tales ultimately did some good for the author.
For the listener it’s hard going at times but glory can come from misery. The canon is stuffed full of songs from disenfranchised black bluesmen, poor sharecroppers, troubled minds. Trailer Star mines the same seam as the late Skip Spence on some of the songs here. The fragility and the feeling of being on the edge of toppling over is balanced by the skeletal beauty of the songs.
The album is available in several ways, in fact the whole story of Trailer star can be read on the website where the various albums can be listened to and even on occasion downloaded. Head over there to look at the whole impressive saga.

Painted Spoken (London)

Shaun Belcher’s unique creation Trailer Star appears on two albums, the first by Trailer Star himself, Suit of Nettles. The second is a beautiful tribute album, Moon Over the Downs on Super Tiny Records, dedicated to the tragic victim of a automobile accident “on a deserted downland bend high above Newbury.” It uses Trailer Stars lyrics set to each of the performers’ own compositions. Trailer Star has the same relationship to Belcher as the nearly real artist Nat Tyler has to his creator William Boyd. Though there is fun to be had in “signalling” Berkshire born and bred Trailer Star’s “pivotal position in the development of English country blues” this is a project with lyrical and musical depth. Belcher on Suit and the dozen plus musicians on Moon play and sing it straight, exploring non-metropolitan England through varieties of American form. Oh, and £4 from every sale of Moon goes to Cancer Research UK.

Richard Price




Threat of Rain added to bandcamp

Finally added this E.P. from 2005 to bandcamp – listen there or here

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=960435333 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]


Trailer Star comes back from the dead to deliver a E.P. of stunning strangeness…part David Olney, Guy Clark songsmithery,  part new wave, part plain weird death blues like chucking Dock Boggs down a well with a bunch of cats….is this guy serious???

Recorded direct to minidisc on 10th January 2005 in Nottingham




I wish that you loved me as much as I loved you
Every time you appear baby I scuttle out of view
Now my heart is just like a crab

I’ve got the crab apple blues since I met you

I wish that you loved me half as much as I loved you
Then I’d feel so much better than I know I do
I’ve got a heart that’s broken and scuttling out of view
Oh my heart is blue, crab apple blue

You give me nothing, nothing to grip upon
I’m lost on the shore like a crab in a storm
Oh I’ve got crab apple blue, I’m lost, crab apple blue
How I wish you loved me half as much as I loved you
Every time you appear I disappear from view
Crab apple blue
How I wish you loved me half as much as I loved you

If I was a carpenter I’d build myself a box
Put it the post then I’d always be lost
Crab apple blue


well I’ve been thinking about you all night long
I’ll be thinking about you until the dawn
I sure hope the weather is better there than here
cos it’s dark now and the rain is a coming in

yeah it’s dark here dark here and the rain’s coming in
somewhere on the road in some cold hotel
I lost the warmth of your arms cold sheets I felt
texas summers are too hot but these snows are cold
all the way from Corpus Christi Bay I’ve been alone

yeah it’s dark here dark here and the rain’s coming in
bright sun shining. clear blue skies
i can see for miles and miles
but now the dark it pours across these flatlands
the darkness I tried so hard to push away with these hands
yeah it’s dark here dark here and the rain’s coming in
it’s just a feeling I can’t shake from my soul
no lord I’ll keep on trying, keep a moving down this road
cos it’s dark now and the rain’s coming in

yeah it’s dark here dark and the rain’s coming in
gotta get movin. gotta get moving, gotta get out of here

miles ‘n’ miles before I sleep and the rain catches me


It happened in a second
It flashed like a dog tag in her eye
There were splinters of glass all over the place
It was Leeds England ’79
And he was wired and she could see it deep in his eyes
right there and then the revolution turned sour

He used to wear a dog collar
Followed The Clash around
Drove an old Morris Minor
From Brighton to Oxford Town
Yeah it was a riot of his own
and then the revolution turned sour
She’s been crying in the kitchen
Crying for hours

The Photographer’s Wife

They’re still fighting twenty years later
and she’s still crying in the kitchen
He said she walked into the glass
As her blood dripped through his fingers
After he smashed her with his fist
He listened to Sandanista
And he blew smoke rings at the ceiling
She’s still cleaning
She’s still crying

The Photographer’s Wife

2-3-4, 2-3-4
She married an English punk rocker
in the summer of ’79


Sitting on a fence watching the clouds
Wandering what the my life is about
The last three months I’ve been expecting rain
The creek’s run dry the dirt’s cracked again
When you expect rain
All you get is sun
When you need water
There’s nowhere to run
From Whippoorwill Hotel
Well I didn’t cheat and sir I didn’t lie
But still she left when the the clock-tower chimed
Disappeared in smoke down a dusty railroad line
As the cornfields shimmered in the summertime

When you expect rain
All you get is sun
When you need water
There’s nowhere to run
From Whippoorwill Hotel
Well that was 10 summers past and I’m still here
Clinging to a memory and a pint of beer
Seems like nothing but dry days is my fate
I’m waiting for a cloudburst to wash me away
When you expect rain
All you get is sun
When you need water
There’s nowhere to run
From Whippoorwill Hotel


It’s so quiet on The Serpentine
Nannies pushing carriages
little boys running behind
And out on the cold Atlantic
The Lusitania’s still on time.

The Nanny sits on the bench
Little boy runs to the waters edge
He’s got a model liner in his hand
He lets it go it sails out west

And out in the Atlantic
The Lusitania’s still on time
John Thompson’s got two little kids
Today he’s working a extra shift
Dredging the Serpentine
His bucket empties against the sky

And the liner falls through the blue sky
And the liner falls through the blue sky
And somewhere off Ireland
Somewhere in the cold Atlantic swell
The Lusitania is still on time
The Lusitania is still on time
The Lusitania is still on time
He picks it from the mud
He washes it under a tap
And its hull starts to shine
Just like it was always on time
Out on the Atlantic
In the deep cold swell
The Lusitania has been blown to hell
The Lusitania has been blown to hell
The Lusitania has been blown to hell
So quiet on the Serpentine
Nannies pushing carriages
Little boys running behind
And out on the Atlantic
The Lusitania’s on time
And his parents are still alive…


Standing looking out on my garden
everything seems OK
Hasn’t been a storm for three months
Fields are needing rain
Where was it we were going
When the black clouds turned grey
Seems like the whole world
Is living with the threat of rain

I watched my father die
It wasn’t a pretty sight
I spent the last five years
living with the threat of rain
I see the clouds coming in
I wonder about my death
Wonder about the threat of rain
The threat of rain will it take my friends away

We’re all living with the threat of rain
oh lord the threat of rain
I go down on my knees and pray
With the threat of rain
Relieve me from the threat of rain
Relieve me from the threat of rain

Last Farmer of Rattledown Row


As part of revamping and relaunching Trailer Star Records I discovered this little gem from 1993.

I honestly thought I was the Berkshire Guy Clark or Micky Newbury when I sent this off to record lables with the press pack below….

I was young and in love and broke as usual….recorded entirely on a half-broken Fostex on the top floor of a seedy bedsit in Hammersmith West London.

Hence the Londinium references throughout….

The tape got one reply from the head honcho at EMI publishing ( George Michael etc etc ) Surprised to get this….


Oh well I liked it , here liked it then and still like it now. I think it my best bunch of songs ever.

Original cassette sleeve art



Track ‘City of stars’ renamed ‘Big City Nights’ on re-release CD

Listen through Bandcamp – go to website to download

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=2475512081 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

TSR006 2006

Originally released 1993 as a Horseshoe Tape

‘LAST FARMER OF RATTLEDOWN ROW’ – 1993 Horseshoe Tape (HS 003)


Here’s the Press Pack I made in 1993….

[scribd id=255333317 key=key-K5K2VsKqIYB3wQnnHnrb mode=scroll]



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