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LOST WEEKEND coming soonish…


Test of HD quality video – not sure if Nikon or more likely Canon – compressed to MP4. November 2011

Trailer Star complete – the boxset


Inspired by Pete Astor’s songbox project I have put the three Trailerstar discs together in the Suit of Nettles Art Show box.

Each CD individually hand drawn. Very limited and available for £10 plus post and packing of £2.00

All tracks available for FREE download at Bandcamp

Black River – the final Trailer Star tracks released

Available FREE the full album in a range of formats and a free pdf booklet telling the Story of Trailer Star

This is Trailer Star’s final and exhaustive round up. All tracks recorded between 2005-2010. These are all the late great Trailer’s recorded tracks and signals the final volume in the three CD Trailer Archive series from Tstar records. Inclues a pdf ‘Moon Over The Barns’ telling the story of the late great Thames Valley Bluesman.

moonoverthebarns PDF

released 19 July 2011

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=4188831579 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

Last Farmer of Rattledown Row – re-release

Track ‘City of stars’ renamed ‘Big City Nights’ on re-release CD


trailer star records TSR005

Originally released 1993 as a Horseshoe Tape

‘LAST FARMER OF RATTLEDOWN ROW’ – 1993 Horseshoe Tape (HS 003)

The story behind the songs…

The Big Time! Moved back to London -got my Fostex working overtime ( well three out of four channels anyway) and made the tape that would ensure I’d go down as the Berkshire Hank Williams! Ended up playing some pretty ridiculous gigs with a drunken bunch of HIGH PRIESTS which gained some attention and a debut 7″(click name to see full story).

Thought I was Tom Waits/ Raymond Carver and the ghost of Old Hank Williams until I sent out the tapes to all and sundry and received just two replies from a head honcho at EMI believe it or not who said the words were good -the music and singing not -and someone at Roundtower Records who was too polite to tell me I wasn’t the next Tom Russell but who sent me some of Tom’s discs anyway (for guidance?) so that made me feel a lot better.

Guess what …I still think 17 years later that I’m the Berkshire ghost of Hank Williams…too late to stop now……………..and there’s a bloke down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis…no really he’s the spitting image……

Original cassette sleeve art

Desdemona Finch covers Broke Down on youtube

In 2007, She ran out of words and began cowriting with only the dead,  distant and too famous. it proved liberating and freed up a few words in 2009. her latest “songcycle” entitled, “discourses with the dead and distant” feature several co-writes with W.H. Auden, Trailer Star and Dolly Parton.

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